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How Do I Build My Brand?

Have you noticed that as a network marketer it gets tricky selling your products and opportunity?  Do you feel like suddenly you feel like competition is all around you, whether it’s other companies, other opportunities, or even other people from your own team?  How do you stand out from the rest?  How do you fight for market share?  How do you compete?

You don’t.  You really don’t.  Here’s my take…


If you’re only posting about your product and/or company opportunity, at best, you will only appeal to those looking for what you are selling RIGHT NOW, and at worst, you will turn people off for seeming salesy, pushy, and more concerned about fattening your wallet than helping others.  Your quest to sell is matched with everyone else’s quest to sell, and none of  you are benefitting.

But in order to address all of those issues you can choose to market yourself and your business in a way that positions yourself so you don’t have to sell at all.  It’s demoralizing to try to convince someone that they need your product or your opportunity, and it’s a waste of time to view everyone as a qualified prospect.  Why spend your precious time trying to sell steak to a vegan?  Instead you want to attract highly qualified people to you.  You want the steak-eaters to show up in droves.

How on earth can that happen, though?  How can you position yourself so that others come to you, others seek you out for information, and eventually, others ask you if they can buy what you are selling?

It comes down to a few important things.  You need to recognize that your value does not lie in your products or your opportunity.  Your value lies in who you are…and what you bring to the table.  What are your strengths?  What are your abilities?  What are your experiences?  And how can you share those with others?  If you create a presence for yourself where you are consistently adding value and offering much more than just a product, people will stick around for the value you offer, and the info and community you have fostered, so when it’s finally time for them to search for what you have to offer, you’re the one they will come to.

No selling, no persuading.

Know, like, and trust.

Free information, entertaining posts, original content, a way to develop relationships with others. If you develop a brand (who you are, YOU, INC.), and are consistently educating and bringing value, your people will get to know you, they’ll like you, and they will trust you.

And you’ll give them the time to move through an organic journey, developing that need for what you offer.

So, if you’re stuck, ask yourself what you are offering for free, what are you doing to create a need in others to want to know, like, and trust you?

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