And let's be honest, we want to repel mosquitoes, not people...

Mosquitoes. They can be a real pain during the summer months where I live. My family and I do our best to keep the bugs away.

What makes us attractive to mosquitoes?

Well, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we produce, the heat produced by our bodies, and the smell of human skin. They are also slightly more attracted to people with Type 0 blood, women who are pregnant, and beer drinkers.  Lactic acid is also a mosquito attractant, so athletes and active people are more susceptible to bites.

So if I wanted to attract mosquitos I’d have some sure-fire strategies to work with.

But because I don’t want those pests near me, I do things to repel them. I wear long sleeves and pants if possible. I diffuse lemongrass or other essential oils that they hate, and I spray a powerful (all-natural) bug repellent so they run (or fly) for the hills.  And no matter how much attraction potential I offer for those stinkers, it’s all squashed by my magnificent repellent strategies.  Yay, me!

Something very similar, albeit less desirable, and inadvertent can be observed in Network Marketing too. So many network marketers are still trying to grow their teams and their businesses by applying repellent to their strategies.

The Problem

As network marketers we are all too often taught to use old school, out-dated, and often undesirable strategies to grow our businesses.  And although we might be pretty decent, or even awesome people (seems attractive), sell a great product (seems attractive), work with an excellent company (again, seems pretty attractive), we drown all of the attraction out by applying strategies that repel people. And make them run for the hills.

No matter how charming we think we are, how miraculous we think our products are, and how generous and cutting-edge we think our company is, our attractor factor is compromised by the repellent we are applying.


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So what are networkers doing to repel?  What are they mistaking as attractive, but their results would prove otherwise?

  • Posting product photos, company graphics on their personal social media profiles.
  • Speaking about their company or products in a way that makes people feel like you belong to a cult and you’re drinkin’ the kool-aid.
  • Cold messaging people to see if they want to buy their products or join their team.
  • Adding people to groups, messages, and events without permission.
  • Posting company stats and accolades to try to win people over.


Why don’t these tactics work?

  • They make people feel like they’re being sold, scammed, even conned.
  • They don’t draw out the desire to connect.
  • People are bored of seeing the same thing.
  • People do NOT go on social media to be sold.  They go to social media to connect and be entertained or enlightened.
  • People would rather just look up the company online than connect with an almost-stranger to get a product.
  • People need to be talked to in their language (layman’s terms), not with hype, product facts, and company lingo.


And what attracts people to you?

  • connection
  • trust
  • relatability
  • vulnerability
  • a feeling that you are advocating for them


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The Solution


So, what’s going on in your biz?  Are you attracting people to you?  Are you offering value?  Are you making them feel heard, understood, and represented?  And are you letting them in to your world so they can learn to know, like, and trust you?

Or are you struggling to grow, but using old-school online tactics that just aren’t working anymore?

And are those tactics overriding any of the amazing attractive qualities you have and value you may be delivering?

Are you inadvertently repelling the people you actually want to attract.

They’re not mosquitoes.  They’re people.  And we want them to gather round and multiply.  Drop the salesy, drop the stuff that you’ve already felt weird about and hated doing anyway.

And dig in to Attraction Marketing.

If we can better train our teams to use professional online strategies using Attraction Marketing, we will find stronger growth patterns and better duplication.  There will be less focus on hype and staying excited. Less focus on promoting, and more focus on building relationships and adding value.  Ranks will be achieved and maintained, and team integrity will remain healthy. The atmosphere of your team will emanate trust and not only will people be drawn to join your team, they will bring in others the same way.


First Step to Turning it all Around


If you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over, but just spinning your wheels, if you know you were meant for more, and yet you almost feel like giving up on the entire industry, you need Attraction Marketing in your business.

I encourage you to check out this Free Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, where you can learn how you can uplevel your business by being a people magnet.  No more prospecting, no more repelling.


Cheering for ya, Friend!

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