ABOUT ME – shannonmacleod


Hey Hey!  I’m Shannon.

Mom of 5, wife of 1, typical, yet not very typical at all…

I grew up on the west coast of British Columbia in Canada.  My mom was a stay-at-home mom, and my dad was a faller.  That meant we moved a lot in order to chase work for my dad.  He cut trees for a living, and due to the ridiculous number of factors that would shut work down (weather, market conditions, etc.) we lived on a financial roller coaster.  Things were either really good…or they were really bad.

My parents were amazing, and there was a lot of love in our home, but our family fell prey to a poverty mindset.  Even when times were great, there was always a fear of lack, always a sense that others were “luckier” than us, and that when one person had wealth, it meant they were taking away something from someone who had less.

Regardless of the pervasive thoughts of lack, not having enough, and not being enough, I had a deep-seeded knowledge that I was going to be different and I was going to do great things in this world.  I had a fire in my belly that reminded me that whatever talents, skills, and abilities I possessed would come together to create a unique solution that would serve others and bring light to those who needed it.

After high school I dabbled in a few post-secondary directions, until I settled on a teaching degree.  And after I completed my education, began teaching in my hometown right away. 

I got married in my twenties, and within a couple years, we started our family.  We had our daughter in 2002, and within the next 6 years, we had 4 little boys.  Being a mom was the greatest joy I had ever experienced, and I was able to take a fair bit of time from my career to spend with my little people.  We had so much fun and made a ton of memories.

But at one point, I finally had to make a decision…go back to work or stay at home to be available to my children.  Since my husband had a busy successful business, I decided to stay at home and give up my teaching career altogether.  Scary, but I knew it was the right decision.

After two years of being completely free from my job and recognizing that my kids were becoming a little more independent, I started to feel a pull to work again, to contribute to my community, and to try to make a difference in the lives of others.  I wanted this not only for myself, but I really wanted my kids to see that moms can work and can make as big a contribution to the family as dads do, all while still being involved in other aspects of family life.

So I started researching and opening up my mind to new ideas…and after a year of saying no to a friend’s network marketing opportunity (for so many reasons), I finally said yes, and joined her team.

Within 4 months I had reached the company’s first leadership rank – it was fast and furious (and so awesome), and then within the next 8 months, I reached the second leadership rank (and was now making more money than I had ever made as a teacher).  It was incredible, so I just kept going.  I kept doing everything that I had to get to that point.

And nothing.

No growth.

In fact, shrinkage happened.  And no matter what incentives I offered or new programs I introduced to my team, we were stuck.

I sat in the same spot for 2 years.  TWO YEARS!  And finally decided that I was going to lead my team out of this drought and back to the promise land…

And that’s when I found Attraction Marketing.  And everything about this way of building a network marketing business made sense.  Everything about Attraction Marketing aligned with who I am, and it validated my issues with some of the training practices I had been taught. 

So I went ALL IN!  And Friend, I am so glad I did.  I learned more in the first month of training than I had in the 3 years I had been in network marketing.  I was no longer being told to “just be consistent” as I did the same lame things over and over, producing NADA!  I was no longer being told to talk about my business everywhere I went and to post salesy pictures on my social media.

I was finally growing a professional, authentic business using business building strategies that took me from lost and frustrated to empowered and rapidly growing again.

I’m no shrinking violet, I am determined to find the right strategies.  I am determined to succeed.  And I’m a hard hard worker.  But why wouldn’t I be, knowing what is in store for me?

So what about you?  Are you stuck?  Have you been spinning your wheels?  Or are you just starting and you need someone to guide you?  I've been where you are.  And you don't have to be there anymore.  If you are done with working hard and going nowhere, if you need systems and a simplified way to grow your team, I want to see you find that success you are so worthy of achieving. 

Connect with me and let's get you started!